Our Identity

Presently Envee has excelled to bottom in product range of Erythromycin to Clarithromycin, Betamethasone & it’s derivitives and Dexamethasone & it’s derivitives.


Quality in not tested into a product, it’s built into it! The Quality assurance of our products is based on

  • • Qualified and well trained personnel
  • • Controlled logistics and material flow
  • • Continuous drug safety supervision
  • • Cheeks during In process QC
  • • Comprehensive documentation

Research & Development

Our team includes best pharmacists and managerial professionals with versatile experience and total dedication.
Despite the most stringent quality and Production standards, we offer freedom for individual initiative to encourage creativity and participation at all levels. We also keep on investing on the training of employees. We are guided by principles, which are foundation of our strength.

Armed with state-of-the art R&D Laboratory, we are focused on

  • • Research & Development of new molecules in select therapeutic spectrum and the current ones.
  • • Production Optimization & Scale-up
  • • Stability studies
  • • Biotechnology

We are paving our way into consolidation of R&D area through the establishment of cooperation protocols with research centres and installation of the new laboratory as the R&D center of the unit